Drag Story-Sharing Time and Face-Painting

with Julian Munro / King Julez

This session will be a sharing time of children’s stories, poems, and scriptures with optional face-painting! King Julez will be answering questions about what it means to be a drag clown and how that works in their work as a student and future ordinand in the United Church of Canada. There will be opportunities for participants to draw/colour up different reflections to each piece of reading (on paper and/or their face).

about the facilitator

Julian/ King Julez (they/them) is the chair of Affirm United/S’affirmer Ensemble, a national non-profit organization that works for full inclusion and affirmation of 2S-LGBTQ+ folks in religious spaces and in all of society, and a board member for Student Christian Movement. After getting a BA in Diversity and Equity, King Julez is studying their Masters of Divinity with the goal of becoming a drag clown reverend with their own congregation to serve.

the title of the workshop - Drag Story Sharing time and Face painting - in a rainbow style with the colourful face of the facilitator centered behind the title
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