Drag Story-Sharing Time and Face-Painting

with Julian Munro / King Julez

This session will be a sharing time of children’s stories, poems, and scriptures with optional face-painting! King Julez will be answering questions about what it means to be a drag clown and how that works in their work as a student and future ordinand in the United Church of Canada. There will be opportunities for participants to draw/colour up different reflections to each piece of reading (on paper and/or their face).

about the facilitator

Julian/ King Julez (they/them) is the chair of Affirm United/S’affirmer Ensemble, a national non-profit organization that works for full inclusion and affirmation of 2S-LGBTQ+ folks in religious spaces and in all of society, and a board member for Student Christian Movement. After getting a BA in Diversity and Equity, King Julez is studying their Masters of Divinity with the goal of becoming a drag clown reverend with their own congregation to serve.

the title of the workshop - Drag Story Sharing time and Face painting - in a rainbow style with the colourful face of the facilitator centered behind the title

Biblical Storytelling for Beginners

(All ages welcome, though participation will be easier for those who are able to read.)

with Michele Rizoli

We will take a piece of scripture and bring it to life by creatively telling it in our own words. Come and see how stories you have heard before take on new meaning when told by your Cahoots friends!

about the facilitator

Michele (she/her) is a pastor who is passionate about lifting scripture off the page and recovering the tradition of oral storytelling. She is a member of the Network of Biblical Storytellers.

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