Founded in 2014, Cahoots is an annual Christian festival of faith, justice and DIY that takes place in southern Ontario.

Through workshops, discussions, and the arts, Cahoots is a place to explore justice and faith together. What does it mean to be a follower of Jesus in this age of injustice? How do we stay resilient in working for justice while building a new world?

At Cahoots, we will ask questions together, listen to each other, sing freedom songs, practice skills, and create together as a diverse community of faith.

At Cahoots, we aim to create a microcosm of the world we dream of. We believe in making Cahoots as accessible as possible. We keep prices low by mobilizing a village for the weekend. Everyone who comes contributes, however they are able, to the running of the festival–from chopping veggies to presenting workshops, from doing the dishes to playing with kids. Cahoots is not just a place to consume information, but also participate in transformation. We have meals together to ignite friendship and build community. We welcome newborn babies to wise owls to foster intergenerational relationships and learning.  Join us this summer!

Our Founders

Two faith-based collectives, the Student Christian Movement and the (former) Beansprout Collective, dreamed up Cahoots and collaborated to make it happen. Cahoots is now organized by a small team of volunteers and one staff member from SCM. This festival is grassroots. We are not a denomination or institution. We are a group of people who want to explore together how to make this world a better place. Above is our team photo from Cahoots Festival 2015.

Cahoots in the Media

A Rocha Canada at Cahoots Fest 2015
By Cameron Phillips, August 2015

Cahoots! Fest 2015
By Kyla Neufeld, Geez Magazine, May 2015

Faith, Justice, and DIY in conversation and community
By CPT, Growing Justice, January 2015

In Cahoots
By Kathryn Gray, Geez Magazine, June 2014

The Common Collective at Cahoots 2014
By Randy Neudorf, The Commons, June 2014

Festival brings faith to sand and surf
By Sarah Swist, Catholic Register, May 2014


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