Cahoots in Quarantine 2021!

With no safe way to gather together in large numbers, our Core Organizing Group decided to build on last year’s experience of online sessions. Cahoots! Take Action was an online activism series designed to get us moving and learning at the same time – just as we intend at the in-person festival.

Cahoots Take Action Series
Cahoots Take Action: Online 2021

With many of us disempowered by the loss of established ways of meeting together and building power for positive change, we knew it was important to reaffirm our call to take thoughtful, intentional, collective action, and we asked our facilitators to guide us.

These sessions were intentionally not recorded, because they were focused on immediate responses to the needs and opportunities of the moment. We are grateful for the facilitators and the ongoing work of many in the wide Cahoots commmunity!

Migrant Rights during the Pandemic – with Jesson Reyes

When you’re hopeful, where do you put it? Kids and youth session – with Jonathon Reed

Landback and Residential Schools: Settler Solidarity Actions – with Peter Haresnape

Landback and Residential Schools – Settler solidarity actions – Cahoots in Quarantine!

1492 Landback Lane

The Canadian public are again learning the truth about the Residential School System, but few are joining the dots to see how supporting Indigenous land defence and sovereignty movements like 1492 Landback Lane is a concrete response to the genocidal violence of the Residential School System – a legacy that all people on these lands called Canada must respond to.

A brief address will outline these facts, specifically looking at the responsibilities of Christian communities, followed by a series of actions. There will then be time to discuss questions that arise. Register here –> https://us02web.zoom.us/meeting/register/tZwscOGsrjIoGtTKzsk_jsZOAIGVWxQNeSle.

Guiding us through our thinking and action is Peter Haresnape (he/him), member of Christian Peacemaker Teams (Turtle Island Solidarity Network), Cahoots festival organizer, currently a student and pastor of Toronto United Mennonite Church

Peter Haresnape

When you’re hopeful, where do you put it? – Cahoots in Quarantine for kids and youth!

Our beloved friend Jonathon Reed, is heading up a workshop during our Cahoots in Quarantine series geared towards youth. Join him on June 3rd for his workshop titled “When you’re hopeful, where do you put it?” You can register for the workshop at: https://us02web.zoom.us/meeting/register/tZUsdO-srDkpHdJZByuDF31AtHUrq50T89jW

Here’s his description:

First priority: Reconnect with the love of the powerful young people of Cahoots, wear silly hats, say hi and share a bit about the past year plus a favourite memory from past Cahoots. Second priority: Talk about hope. Make some meaningful art inspired by the natural world and put it in the MAIL to the grassroots activists at the heart of The Wasteland Plan. Third priority: Learn to teleport.

~ Jonathan Reed
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