Photography: or how losing an eye helped me see better


with Lyf Stolte

Sometimes we think that reducing our senses in any way puts us in danger. Whether it be from predators (like in the days of yore) or the busyness of city life today, it seems that we need all of our senses to take the most advantage of the world around us. Well, artists from across the ages have shown us time and again that is not the case. In this workshop, the participants will be led through exercises that teach through limitations. Please bring a camera of some device (phone, film, digital) and an open mind!

about the facilitator

Lyf has been a joyous participant of the Cahoots Festival since 2015. Each year he comes to new revelations and his spirit is renewed. The joy and community of Cahoots are infectious in the best ways. Since 2016 he has been the official (kind of?) photographer of the festival. He really is excited to share his passion and budding talent with those who are interested.

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