Creative Movement

with Jubilene Brewster-Wild

In this workshop, we will explore the various ways that movement can be created. Participants will work together or alone and use verbal and written prompts to discover their own movement style. After creating a short phrase of movements, we will select certain moves from everybody’s piece and weave them together to create a group dance. No experience required!

about the facilitator

Jubilene is a grade 12 dance major at Rosedale Heights School of the Arts. She enjoys trying new dance styles and learning from choreographers in contemporary dance circles.

promotional image for a workshop at a radical festival called cahoots. the picture is of a female presenting girl jumping in the air and the title - creative movement - is made to look like a rainbow

Bicycle Mechanics 101 (Fix Your Own Bike)


with Mark Graves

After a successful session last year showing us how to bikepack and stealth camp, Mark is back this year with his bike, but using it to show us how to fix ours! Come and learn about your tires, gears, chain and basic set-up.

about the facilitator

Mark is a cycling enthusiast, ordained minister, corporate trainer and part-time bicycle mechanic. He is a passionate advocate and evangelist of seeing the world from the seat of a bicycle.

What does it mean to be an ally to Indigenous peoples?

with Clarence Cachagee + Scott Morton Ninomiya

Join us for a transformative circle conversation delving into opportunities to be an ally to Indigenous peoples. Along with Scott, Clarence will lead us through key steps towards building meaningful partnerships that undermine oppressive, colonial systems. If you are exploring ways to be a more effective ally, this workshop is the perfect opportunity to gain valuable insights and gain new perspectives. Please come prepared to listen, share, and experience wisdom together!

about the facilitators

Clarence, founder of Crow Shield Lodge, is a helper, visionary and author who is known for investing his whole self into his community. Clarence originates from Chapleau Cree First Nation and calls Cambridge his home. Scott is the Coordinator of Mennonite Central Committee Ontario’s Indigenous Neighbours program. He will share his perspective as a settler working to earn the title ‘ally’ in his home community on the Grand River Watershed and with partners across Ontario.

the title of the workshop - what does it mean to be an ally to indigenous peoples - in a rainbow design with a photo of one of the facilitators in the background

Visit our Attiwandaron Neighbours (who moved out 400 years ago)

with Jay Thiessen

Have you ever noticed the National Historic Site across the road? Come walk back through time and see the raised earth mounds that remain from the fortified village that was home to 800-900 Attiwandaron people (also known as the Neutral Iroquois) when they lived here between 1500 and 1650. It is also just a nice long walk (1.5km round trip). So come for the excercise; or come for the joy of historical education; or come to spend time in nature; or come spend the afternoon imagining you live in a Attiwandaron fort. All are welcome.

about the facilitator

Jay never misses a chance to read a historic plaque so he couldn’t resist the one across from Cahoots. He’s ready with interesting historical facts for anyone who shares his fascination with Canadian history. He won’t be offended if you hang back a few feet where you don’t need to listen to him.

the title of the workshop - visit our attiwandaron neighbours - in a rainbow design on top of a picture of the facilitator smiling

Ultimate Frisbee

with Hugh Brewster + Jubilene Brewster-Wild

Back by popular demand! No experience necessary – you will learn how Ultimate works and together we will play this game where mutual respect is valued and demonstrated.

about the facilitators

Hugh chases flying plastic with his friends as often as he can. As a co-founder of the non-profit ReachUp (currently on hiatus) he has facilitated ultimate workshops in a variety of Indigenous communities across Ontario. Jubilene is a Grade 12 student at Rosedale School of the Arts in Toronto. Running down frisbee hucks gives her great joy.

the title of the activity/workshop - Ultimate Frisbee - in a rainbow design over top of images of the two facilitators

Throwing Hands For Good Discussions

with Peter Haresnape

Do you struggle to be heard in a meeting? Have you noticed that sometimes you can’t remember the outcome of a debate? We need good tools to have good discussions leading to good outcomes – come and develop some skills and tools to express yourself, hear others, and arrive at consensus together! We’ll practice some hand signals that help us communicate in another dimension and use some different methods to make decisions.

about the facilitator

Peter Haresnape is a co-founder of the Cahoots festival. He serves Toronto United Mennonite church as a pastor and is studying theology at Conrad Grebel University College. He learned a lot of group discussion practices in anarchist circles in the UK and is excited to practice them in Turtle Island.

Radical Generosity – Giving and the Church


with Elliot Gunn

We need to talk about how our money and our faith interact – because when we don’t, we risk inheriting oppressive attitudes towards both! We’ll begin with a whirlwind tour through the history of tithing as a part of Christian discipleship. We’ll look at creative ways to talk about money and build church communities around biblical principles like jubilee and koinonia. You’ll be asked to consider the role that your personal finances play in forming communities of radical generosity and embodied grace.

about the facilitator

Elliot runs Faith & Big Ideas, a Bible study group through the Student Christian Movement Canada & First Lutheran Toronto, that provides intensive peer-led conversations that focus on existentially overwhelming questions in our spiritual journeys. He loves engaging with big questions and messy ideas through conversation grounded in Christ. He works in tech and enjoys nerding out about all things money.

Biblical Storytelling for Beginners

(All ages welcome, though participation will be easier for those who are able to read.)

with Michele Rizoli

We will take a piece of scripture and bring it to life by creatively telling it in our own words. Come and see how stories you have heard before take on new meaning when told by your Cahoots friends!

about the facilitator

Michele (she/her) is a pastor who is passionate about lifting scripture off the page and recovering the tradition of oral storytelling. She is a member of the Network of Biblical Storytellers.

Screenprinting – Drop In (All ages)

with Rachel + Astrid Erb

Once again we will be offering folks the opportunity to make their own Cahoots apparel. Bring a shirt, skirt, bed sheet, knickers, etc., and adorn it with the lovely Cahoots logo. If you have a Cahoots shirt that you made last time and no longer want, bring it along to give it to someone else.

about the facilitators

Rachel and Astrid are a mom and daughter living in Kingston, Ontario where they’ve spent many years learning together as homeschoolers and dabbling in various artsy-craftsy and musical endeavours.

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