Visit our Attiwandaron Neighbours (who moved out 400 years ago)

with Jay Thiessen

Have you ever noticed the National Historic Site across the road? Come walk back through time and see the raised earth mounds that remain from the fortified village that was home to 800-900 Attiwandaron people (also known as the Neutral Iroquois) when they lived here between 1500 and 1650. It is also just a nice long walk (1.5km round trip). So come for the excercise; or come for the joy of historical education; or come to spend time in nature; or come spend the afternoon imagining you live in a Attiwandaron fort. All are welcome.

about the facilitator

Jay never misses a chance to read a historic plaque so he couldn’t resist the one across from Cahoots. He’s ready with interesting historical facts for anyone who shares his fascination with Canadian history. He won’t be offended if you hang back a few feet where you don’t need to listen to him.

the title of the workshop - visit our attiwandaron neighbours - in a rainbow design on top of a picture of the facilitator smiling
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