Queering Spirituality

with Mäki Ashe Van Steenwyk

Ashe will explore what it means to “queer” spirituality. To “queer” something is to re-examine, deconstruct, or subvert it though a queer lens. It means to pay attention to our deepest longings and listen to the wisdom of our bodies as we join the Spirit in the Great Work of Liberation. This work involves unearthing the toxic myths and ideas that weave through our own consciousness as well as challenging the way these myths and ideas take concrete expression in the world around us. This session, which will benefit cishet folks as well as queer folks, will include a presentation, as well as discussion and contemplative practice.

about the facilitator

Ashe (she/they) is the Director of the Center for Prophetic Imagination in Minneapolis, Minnesota. She is a spiritual director, activist, author, and teacher whose work focuses on the intersection of spirituality and radical action. Ashe is the author of A Wolf at the Gate, unKingdom, and That Holy Anarchist, as well as a contributor to a number of edited tomes and publications. Ashe earned an MDiv from Bethel Theological Seminary, studied Spiritual Direction at the University of St. Catherine’s graduate school, and is currently writing her doctoral dissertation at United Theological Seminary.

the title of the workshop - queering spirituality - in a rainbow design with the photograph of the facilitator in the background
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