Art for Everyone: Intro to Stencilling Street Art

(12+, but could include youngers if they come with a helpful 12+ person)

with Jasper Wicke + abi lyon wicke

Come learn about street art that inspires us and how you can add some to your neighbourhood in creative and beautiful ways. Art activism for your front yard – images and messages to spark everyday creativity and joy! We will look at examples then make our own stencils for reproducible make-anywhere art. Come prepared to get messy.

about the facilitator

Jasper began drawing as soon as they could hold a crayon and has rarely been without a drawing tool in hand in the ten years since that time. They particularly love street art in all forms and enjoy designing and making unique costumes that both express their creativity and make good use of our planet’s resources through thrifting, sharing and swapping. Jasper loves being active outdoors, hiking and camping (especially near water), discussing social justice and environmental issues, baking, practicing aerial silks and making art with other people. abi loves making things out of leftovers, remnants, recycling and other random found objects. Sharing this passion with others and creating art together brings her particular joy. abi has participated in artmaking activities for as long as she can remember and has been an instructor and facilitator of others’ creative pursuits in many contexts, from regular pottery and art classes to festival workshops and teaching her children at home. Working with a team to create art installations and experiences in her faith community is an integral part of inspiring and informing her own faith journey.

the title of the workshop - Art is For Everyone - on the backdrop of a stenciled penguin on concrete
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