2022 Covid Safety – “we are all pivot experts”

Our plan for Covid Safety is based on our best knowledge at the time of sending out this welcome package. If there are any changes before the festival, they will be communicated to registrants the weekend before. Please contact cahoots@scmcanada.org with any questions, and we will do our best to answer.

Rapid Tests – Everyone attending the festival is asked to take a rapid test upon arrival. If you have access to your own tests, you may wish to take a test before you leave for the festival – please take a picture of the test so that we can confirm it upon your arrival.

We are asking people not to come and go from the festival site. If you need to leave, please tell an organizer, so that you can take another test when you return.

Masking – when you are sharing an inside space as part of a group – for example, in a workshop or morning gathering, we ask people aged 12+ to wear a mask. This will allow for comfortable sharing of the space. Children 5+ years old in those spaces are also recommended to wear masks.

If you’re unable to wear a mask, please email us before the festival

Be aware that we do not expect masks in shared sleeping spaces, the dining room, or outdoor areas. Please be attentive to the needs and comfort levels of others – practice good consent and communication when taking off your mask!

Please listen to the directions of workshop facilitators around additional precautions they may wish to take.

Vaccinations – We encourage everyone who is able and eligible to get vaccinated. Following provincial guidelines, we (and our host camp) are not asking for proof of vaccination. However, we invite you to voluntarily disclose their vaccination status when they register. We will collect this information confidentially for the sake of our internal planning.

Arrivals – tell us when you plan to arrive, and how you are getting here, to help us know who is on site. As soon as you arrive you must register and complete a rapid test (or show proof of a negative test)

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