Oracular Poetry: Listening to Your Inner Wisdom


with Jonathon Reed

Join Jonathon for one of the most captivating arts-based activities he ever experienced as part of Partners for Youth Empowerment: the simultaneously mystical and realist mini art project called oracular poetry. Participants will work mostly independently but also with partners to reflect on a big question they want answered through the workings of their spirit and creativity. You don’t need to be good at poetry, but you should be open to reflecting and thinking to yourself while instrumental music plays in the background. See you at the oracle!

about the facilitator

Jonathon has a BEd and MEd and works as Youth Program Manager with a national organization called Next Gen Men. He has a thousand years of experience working with kids and just as much love.

promotional image for a workshop at a radical festival called cahoots. the picture is of the facilitator, male presenting, and the title - oracular poetry - is made to look like a rainbow
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