Take a SACRED Pause

(All ages. Younger children may need an older accompanier.)

with Shannon Neufeldt

Cahoots is all about taking a pause from our everyday lives to rejuvenate and retool, rest and relate. This workshop invites you to deepen that focus by reconnecting with the Earth. We’ll begin in a collected fashion to learn from Indigenous wisdom together. We’ll then disperse across the camp to engage in a personal (or family/partnered) SACRED Pause. This simple practice uses the words Sense, Appreciate, Connect, Respect, Express, Delight (SACRED) to guide us in remembering or discovering how to be in relationship with creation – a relationship of love and respect. Some guiding questions will be provided to assist you in connecting with Mother Earth. A closing circle will be offered for those who wish. If you like to write or draw as you reflect, bring a journal and pen but this is not necessary. Everyone should be prepared to be outside. Suitable for all ages and abilities. This workshop is based on a resource by the same name put out by For the Love of Creation.

about the facilitator

Shannon loves creation and is simply offering the type of workshop she wants to participate in. Shannon is on staff at KAIROS Canada, a social justice organization with roots in eight Christian denominations, and is privileged to convene the Local Engagement group of For the Love of Creation which seeks to engage people of faith across the country in coming together to make a meaningful contribution to climate sustainability. Shannon and her family have attend Cahoots a number of times and always appreciate the people, the energy, the good ideas and the fun.

Love Tenderly Olympics

(All ages)

with Tim O’Connor + Elle Crevits + Shannon Neufeldt

An annual classic at Camp Micah, the Love Tenderly Olympics come to Cahoots for the first time ever. Bring your competitive edge, but remember, this is a team event! All your skill, creativity, and cooperation will be required to complete each activity TOGETHER! People of all ages and abilities are welcome. The more diversity, the more creative the teams will be challenged to be! Can you build a human pyramid or get your whole team over the river of piranhas without “losing a limb”? Brought to you by Camp Micah staff and youthful camp alumni.

about the facilitators

Tim has been playing the Love Tenderly Olympics for 15+ years. As a recently retired high-school teacher – the kind that is everyone’s favourite teacher – he knows how to get people motivated…and make people laugh. He may say it with a straight face-but look out for the twist! Elle started in these Olympics at the tender age of 15. After several years as a competitor, she has now logged more years as a coach and judge. She says, “I am a whole-hearted, down-to-earth, and compassionate teacher at heart. I am a life-long learner that believes we can only do what we believe we can. In my spare time you can find me in the kitchen, whipping up the next batch of delicious, or around the dinner table using food as tool to build community and connection. Shannon is the relative newcomer to the Love Tenderly Olympics team with just 3 years of practice, but Shannon and her family are also experienced Cahoots participants. A professional social justice activist, Shannon is committed to building community and passing on a passion for justice. Years as a camp counsellor solidified her appreciation for this type of team building cooperative games.

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